About us


LEO-NET is a European association dedicated to international traineeship mobility, skills development, and youth employment. We connect Higher Education Institutions, mobility consortia, and related organizations into an international network.

Our internship portal links students and graduates from LEO-NET-affiliated universities and colleges with validated internship and job opportunities worldwide. We ensure that students access only verified opportunities while employers find reliable interns and potential future employees.

Our mission at LEO-NET is to:

  • Support students and young graduates in building sustainable careers in a globalized and inclusive society
  • Help to develop international traineeship and learning mobility.
  • Empower individuals for the future by valuing all learning opportunities.
  • Enhance employability and nurture talents for sustainable careers in a globalized, sustainable, and inclusive society.
  • Promote intercultural understanding

More than 20 years of experience. LEO-NET was founded in Maastricht (NL) in 1999, based on needs in the former European LEONARDO programme. That's why it's called LEO-NET, showing its strength and endurance over time.

LEO-NET has a strong network and helps share expertise and good ideas. It's a place where people from different places can work together. Members stay updated and inspired, all working towards the same goals.

LEO-NET supports EU programs eu for youth employment and social issues. Its colours, blue and yellow, show this connection. It talks with policymakers but also has its own ideas.

LEO-NET endorses the UN Sustainable Development Goals in particular
quality education (4) – gender equality (5) – decent work & economic growth (8) – partnerships for the goals (17)